My favorite packages for Sublime Text

Sublime Text is my text editor of choice (but for some quick edits I also like vi). There are many packages developed by the community that extend its functionality. Here is a list of my favorites:

  • SideBarEnhancements: Provides enhancements for the sidebar.
  • EditorConfig: Helps developers define and maintain consistent coding styles between different editors and IDEs.
  • GitGutter: Shows an icon in the gutter area indicating whether a line has been inserted, modified or deleted.
  • SublimeLinter: Inline lint highlighting.
  • Emmet: Write HTML fast.
  • AutoFileName: Autocompletes filenames. Very handy for those script/css tags.
  • Color Highlighter: Underlays selected color codes (like “#ffffff”) with their real color.


  • Jinja2: Support for the Jinja2 templating language.
  • Djaneiro: Support for the Django web framework.
  • LESS: Syntax highlighting for LESS.
  • SCSS: Syntax highlighting for SCSS.
  • EJS: Syntax highlighting for EJS.
  • Puppet: Syntax highlighting for Puppet.
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